A New Light in a New Life

IEC – International Extended Care is a specialized health care center in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. It aims to improve the quality of life for Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC) patients by providing complete in-house care in a home environment where they can spend more time with their families.


Brand Concept

“We embrace, we care”


To embrace, by definition is to hold someone firmly in one’s arms, primarily as a sign of affection, conveying a sense of personal touch. IEC expresses this gesture of love through the following ways:



Translating the brand concept to an Icon



Embrace + IEC Values = 12 Iconic Symbols


Building the Brand

“From Darkness to Life Through IEC”

IEC defines its company as a provider of specialized care for patients who need extended care through a highly qualified medical staff. A place that can be considered a second home.



Shape Rationale

The Circle shape. As a metaphor, a circle has many meanings. The word circus is of Latin origin meaning circle. A circus is a place where activity occurs within a ring. It is believed that a circle is a metaphor and structure for defining a system of communication and interaction.

It is no surprise that the early theaters of Greece were circular with all the seats facing inward. Another circular structure is Stonehenge, and it is theorized that from the center a viewer could look outward sensing one’s place in the cosmos.

A circle shape reflects IEC as the best place to put my beloved patient to get the best and dignified care.


Surface Treatment

Graduated shade indicates the transformation from dark to life.

Solid colors indicate IEC’s attributes in different shades as the spectrum of virtues.