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I'm a digital product designer, UX designer, and creative professional.
I like to solve design problems creatively and efficiently. Currently with
Salesforce Industries as a Senior UI-UX Engineer.

Latest Testimonial

Lloyd has been exceptional on the team. He created so many great designs, unblocked the mobile team to do a lot more, accepted the critics and suggestions, and adopted the new concept and styles. His design work has been getting better and better each time. He is also an excellent communicator and great personality. He works hard when we need his help. The last projects have been stunning. Many people become fans of his work like the NYL design and animation, new retail app design, etc. Later on, he also participated in helping SC to make the demo work. For example, the BCBS Arkansas design work is fantastic, and the customer likes it. He is also an excellent communicator, and he makes sure his voice is heard and frequently provides help to the team needed. He treats everyone with respect.

Frank Wang
Director of Engineering, Head of Mobile
Salesforce Industries

About Me

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Over the years, I successfully delivered and managed more than 100 digital projects ranging from CMS based corporate websites, web applications, native and hybrid mobile applications for leading companies. I came from a graphic design background before I started in the UX discipline in 2002, where I gained a multidisciplinary skill set that integrates creative and technical expertise. I master the best and most current design tools in the industry alongside having a strong understanding and ability to perceive human nature and human behavior. As a creative and UX professional, my strengths lie in both the technical and creative side of things. What does this mean for you? I can provide a multi-faceted solution in any digital-related projects in User Experience, Customer Experience Digital Marketing, Advertising & Branding, and Software Engineering.

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